Essay John Milton 's Paradise Lost

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In his epic Paradise Lost, John Milton details through excellent storytelling some of the debates and anxieties of 17th century England. Milton’s writing was heavily influenced by his own views, both political and religious. The resulting story is a series of arguments put forward by the characters, and in reality, Milton’s own views and questions. One of the themes heavily referenced is the ability for human beings to think for themselves and act on those thoughts. Throughout Paradise Lost the characters all have decisions they need to consider and act upon, all while wondering whether or not they really have any agency. When one thinks of free will, the first example that comes to mind is usually Adam and Eve. In truth, they are not the first to choose for themselves, only the first humans to do so. Satan is supposedly the first being to choose to disobey God, resulting in being cast into the fiery abyss that is Hell. From what is written in the Bible, Satan chose to question, disobey, and rebel against God rather than worship him and the Son. Nothing influenced him or pushed him towards one course of action, all of Satan’s feelings and choices came from him and him alone. This fact raises many questions. If God is all knowing, why did he allow Satan to rebel, or even give him free will? After being cast down to Hell, Satan even says to himself “The mind is its own place, and in it self, Can make a Heav’n of Hell, a Hell of Heav’n” (9). It seems as though Satan is…

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