John Luke Robertson And Mary Kate Mceacharn From The Hit Television Show Duck Dynasty Shocked The World

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John Luke Robertson and Mary Kate McEacharn from the hit television show Duck Dynasty shocked the world when they decided to get married at the age of nineteen. Knowing they would receive criticism from the media, the couple was more than prepared to defend their decision when they announced their engagement to the public last October. In an interview with Katie Krause, John Luke commented that “the divorce rate is 50% for everyone. But, for Christians who are active in their faith, it is 35% less than that” (Robertson). While this statistic is not entirely accurate, Robertson and his situation bring up an interesting point. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the age at first marriage has risen to 28.4 for men and 26.5 for women with 63% or Americans marrying after the age of twenty-five (Elliot and Simmons 13). This increase has made late marriage a normative for young adults, leaving those who choose to marry younger, like the Robertson’s, in a cultural and statistical minority (Uecker 68). But is this truly the case? What is it that makes the decision to marry young so different from the decision to wait? Countless studies have been carried out in attempt to understand the factors and implications of divorce among individuals and their children, but only a few focus specifically on non-normative marriage ages. This research is key in determining which factors affect the success of young married couples. The majority of the studies collected data in a series…

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