John Locke 's View On A Separation Of Powers Essay

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During the 17th-18th century, a movement referred to as The Enlightenment arose in the efforts by philosophers to reassemble European politics, beliefs, science, and communications. The purpose was to solve problems in the world with reason. An example of philosophers can be seen in Baron de Montesquieu’s view on wanting a separation of powers; Adam Smith’s thought of laissez-faire where the government allows business to operate with little or no government interference; and John Locke’s idea that everyone has the right to life, liberty, and property. John Locke influenced the foundation for people believing in natural rights. This stimulated an outbreak of revolutions such as The Revolutionary War, French Revolution, and The Saint Domingo Revolution. Resulting of the creation of the US Constitution, Declaration of Rights of Man and Citizen, and The Saint Domingue Constitution of 1801. John Locke’s father fought on the side of Parliament in the English Civil War in 1640 A.D influencing his son’s view on the rights that government should give to everyone. John was an educated person who went to Christ Church, Oxford to study logic and classics. John composed his philosophies in the Two Treatises on Government, which is a novel that holds views of democracy and what freedoms they should give. In comparison to most of Europe 's governments were all absolute monarchies except England. So when John said that “all people have the natural right to life, liberty, and property….…

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