John Locke 's State Of Nature Essay examples

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John Locke wrote Second Treaties of Civil Government in 1690. In this book, Locke discusses “State of Nature”, which is what defines a political society. Locke also says that “State of Nature” is the same as state of equality where “No one has power over another, and all are free to do as they please.” Locke also says that this is not an excuse for people to abuse others and that natural law still exists in this society. Locke mentions that in this society, natural rights are preserved and people are mostly happy. However, this “State of Nature” does not protect everything that a person would like, such as personal property. Some people leave this state of nature because it doesn’t protect all of their needs and they want to form a better society. A political society is the type of government that you are living under. As mentioned earlier, a state of nature does not protect all things, including property. Locke says property includes lives, liberties and estates. In a political society, government is supposed to preserve all of these rights and protect the people. That is way people may choose to join a political society. In a political society people want to preserve the rights they are born with and they want to have the government protect those rights. In a political society, people want their government to protect their natural rights. Locke says that the purpose of government is to protect its citizen’s natural rights. If government does not protect these…

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