John Kilgore 's Understanding Mass Incarceration Essay

1051 Words Oct 7th, 2016 5 Pages
Throughout FYS we have mainly been reading from James Kilgore’s Understanding Mass Incarceration. Also, we have read a number of different authors shorter articles. We have conversed amongst the class and occasionally looked for our own answers outside of the assigned text. With the overwhelming amount of information available to us about mass incarceration we can start to develop our own opinions regarding the subject. A couple questions that could help us delve deeper into the subject could be “why are so many people being put in prison”? or “is there something we can do to lower these numbers”? With the number of people who know someone or are affected by someone in prison, it is an important matter for us to be educated on. On the topic of mass incarceration, my opinion and the opinion of the authors we read seem to be similar, that prison exists to punish the criminals. Like many other controversial topics, each person is going to have their own opinion. With this being said, the authors of the text we have been reading most certainly have differing opinions. One thing that I found a bit frustrating is that not many of the authors clearly stated what they thought was the purpose of mass incarceration. They gave examples of what they would like see changed regarding the prison system and other information about prison. Almost everyone has aspects they would like to see changed about the system so this was a bit repetitive. Since the authors were not specific, it made it…

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