John Hooks's Response To Change Feminism To Equalism

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Change Feminism to Equalism
What is feminism? Feminism is a movement to end sexism, sexist exploitation and oppression. In my own word feminism is a woman, who fight for equal rights and equal opportunities as a man, even it’s regarding to work, children’s or political issues. However, today due to feminism movement women get more priority than men in social issues, which make men think that the word feminism is a bad word itself because of the word “feminism” constantly blamed and degraded men’s by making the belief that all men’s are bad and they can never respect women’s. However, there are some men’s who also want women have their equal rights as they. For example, whenever a man and woman have fought in the public place, people
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An example from the chapter, “To Love again the heart of Feminism” in which author hooks also addressed about feminist ideology to love a man, “There can be no love when there is domination” (103). This quote tells us according to feminist belief love can never take root in a relationship when there one is taking control on another, which is so true. But the problem is feminist woman are blaming all men for the mistake of some men, which is not fair. So, women need to understand that all men’s are not similar and they should not blame everyone for the mistake of the few. Therefore, looking this behave of women toward men, men start to think that the name feminism itself is a bad name because it makes women’s to hate them and it also carries women’s away from their goal of gender equality, because it make them to prove other people’s that their sex is better than men’s instead of focusing on gender …show more content…
For example, in the chapter “Ending violence” author only talked about violence against women not even mention a word about violence against men’s because according Hooks men are inhumane because they use violence to patriarch them. For this reason, she doesn’t think men’s issues are not important as they, which need concern as they. Here is a quote from the same chapter, which tell what is domestic mean by Bell hooks, “domestic violence includes male violence against women, same-sex violence, and adult violence against children”(61). As we can see in this quote according to author violence against men is not a part of domestic violence. Yes, we knew that there is a big difference between in the percent’s of violence against women and men, but if we look at the statistic of violence it tells that violence also occurred against men even women are ignoring it. So if there is 70% women were abused by violence today, then another 30% are men, who also abused by their spouse in a relationship. But being a feminist, how women can only address their issues regarding gender inequality and being unfair to men’s, when they are also fighting for gender equality. However looking this unfair behave of women’s toward men, it proofs that feminism is a bad name because it women’s away from

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