John Hanson 's The First President Of The United States Essay

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Introduction The president that history has forgot, he was actually the first president of the United States. John Hanson’s name missing from most accounts of the American Revolution.
Early life and political career John Hanson was born on April 13, 1721 at Mulberry Grove, Charles County, Maryland. “Mulberry Grove” was a tobacco plantation, into a wealthy prominent family. His parents were Samuel and Elizabeth Hanson, they owned more than 1000 acres. His father Samuel Hanson served in a number of local offices and twice as a member of the General assembly of Maryland. Little is known about Hanson’s early light; he was presumably privately tutored as was customary amongst his social standing of his time in place. About 1744 he married Jane Contee, with whom he would have eight children. Their son Peter Contee Hanson died in the battle of Fort Washington during the Revolutionary War. Their oldest son Alexander Contee Hanson Sr. was a notable essayist. Alexander Hanson is sometimes confused with his son, Alexander Contee Hanson Jr. who became a newspaper editor and a U.S. Senator. John Hanson’s career in public service again in 1750, when he was sheriff of Charles County.
• In 1765 Hanson began the revolutionary stage, Hanson mobilized and coordinated the opposition. He also drafted instructions for the delegates Maryland sent to the Stamp Act Congress.
• Protested the Townshend Acts, revenue duties on colonial goods
• Signed Maryland’s non-important agreement and led a…

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