John F. Kennedy 's Personality Essay example

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Genetic/Biological approach to John F. Kennedy’s Personality
JFK’s birth defect of a degenerative back problem, the diagnosis of Addison’s disease, and suffering frequent serious illnesses caused him to strive harder to overcome and to overshadow his weaknesses from his opponents and enemies. He used Self-Concealment to "explain" his unique traits. Many thought that JFK 's tan-like complexion gave him the appearance of strength and health, while in reality, “it was thought to be a side-effect of his Addison 's disease.” (A High School, 2013)
Because of his conditions and the medications he needed, JFK felt that in order to keep things hidden from those around them, he must build a wall so that others will think badly about them because of the negative things associated with them (his multiple illnesses). Problem being that one can only self-conceal for so long and then the wall comes crashing down.
Cognitive approach to John F. Kennedy’s Personality
JFK’s approach to problem solving appears more field dependent rather than field independent. In that, the situation itself directly influenced his choices. The Cuban Missile crisis demonstrates this ability. Even though JFK’s top generals urged him to take immediate action and invade Cuba, over the emplacement of Soviet missile bases, he used the crisis to demonstrate a level of resolution that only needed two weeks before the Soviet leader agreed to end the crisis (SparkNotes Editors, 2005). Similarly, Congress stalled his…

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