John F. Kennedy 's Impact On The Civil Rights Movement Essay

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John F. Kennedy made history when he was elected president in 1961. He was the youngest president and the first Catholic president. However, the history he made didn’t have to do with personal things such as age or religion, but his impact on the Civil Rights Movement. During the years of Kennedy’s presidency, the South was facing a conflict with segregation and racism. As president, it was Kennedy 's responsibility to deal with the issues happening in the United States. Many of the South American States during the 1960’s followed Jim Crow Laws, which were laws or signs that strictly prohibited black americans from entering or going to certain places like restaurants, bathrooms, and drinking from water fountains. Kennedy stepped up as president and was appalled by what he had seen from pictures and heard on the news. Kennedy’s actions were a major role in the extremity of segregation in the South. Between the years of 1954 and 1968 was the Civil Rights Movement. During this time African Americans were discriminated against and were segregated from certain areas of the South. They must follow Jim Crow Laws telling them where to go and what to use. If any African American were to disobey any of these laws they were punished in brutal ways. Many people were called names, beaten, and some even killed just for the sake of their skin being black. John F. Kennedy, after seeing the horrors happening in the South, decided that something had to be done. Seeing not only black…

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