John Dewey 's Theory Of Educative Experience Essay

1347 Words Nov 15th, 2016 6 Pages
As a middle class, heterosexual, white female there are certain privileges that I have grown accustomed to. My life has been lived from the point of remote feminism, I have sprinkled my services as the privileged protector across the realm of the marginalized only when it has been convenient to do so. However, the time in which remote feminism is acceptable has now come to an end. Donald Trump has been elected to the presidency. The reality of this election cycle and its myriad of radiating implications have shown that there is change brewing in America. Through John Dewey’s theory of educative experience, this election cycle can be analyzed for its educational impact and the overall experience can be reorganized to galvanize the feminist movement. Before the present moment, there was a certain ambivalence that could be had by a feminist towards the overall feminist movement. I personally participated in this ambivalence; my intersecting identities granted me the privilege necessary to take a step back and watch feminism happen around me while personally joining the conversation only when it was convenient or applicable to myself. This could be labelled egocentric feminism. This method of pseudo-activism is comfortable, it allows a person to claim the same heroism for writing a rant on Facebook that one could claim for standing face-to-face with riot police. These were my feminist aspirations before Trump was elected president. Throughout this election cycle, the Trump…

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