John Carter: Hurricane

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John Carter, also Known as Hurricane, was convicted of triple homicide, with his friend John Artis. He was a middleweight boxer, with many outstanding records. Carter had a really bad childhood in very bad places. He died from a really powerful disease that still kills people now days, Prostate Cancer.
The music "Hurricane" is a music to protest against the John Carter and John Artis wrongful conviction of murder. The music was released in November 1975 and was recorded in July and October of 1975. This music is from the album Desire and its format is a single. It's a Folk Rock and protest song with the length minutes and thirty-three seconds. The writers of this outstanding song is Bob Dylan and Jacques Levy, the producer was Don DeVito with the label of Columbia.
Carter was born in Clifton, New Jersey, the fourth of seven children. He entered a juvenile reformatory because he stabbed a man when he was 11. He escaped the reformatory in 1954 and joined the Army. After he finished infantry basic training in South Carolina he was sent to West Germany. In Germany, he was boxing for the United States Army.
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John Carter and his friend were driving a car in other side of the city when it occurred but they were guilty of murder. He stayed twenty years in jail and he left because people protested to him to leave. Later they were sentenced again to prison for the same reason as the first one. The reason that they thought it was them because they founded ammunition in the vehicle that entered the guns that killed the victims. Alfred Bello was the first eyewitness, that actually lied. PAtty Valentine saw two black male leave in a white car going westbound. He was also convicted to jail because he and John Artis are black. In the first trial Patty and Belo had made the same description of the car that the two black males were driving. Patty Valentine changed her testified in the second trial. Ronald Ruggiero heard and saw the same thing as Patty and alfred Belo, but he saw Alfred Belo running the same way as the white car did.
In March 2012, John Carter discovered during the International Justice Conference that he was suffering of Prostate Cancer. He had three and six months of live all this Artis stayed carrying of Carter. Two years before his death he published "The Hurricane Dying Wish" in the New York Daily

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