Joffrey Character Analysis Essay

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In a medieval world, locked in a political power struggle, 5 supposed rightful rulers fight to be King/Queen of Westeros. Among the aggressors, the family Baratheon is defending their throne, with Joffrey Baratheon sitting as King at the young age of 16. Rumors of incest and dragons in the east force Joffrey into a position he does not understand. He had always been an impulsive, aggressive, and sadistic prince, but these adverse characteristics become even more pronounced and dangerous when he is crowned King.
His lack of empathy or remorse, his abusive personal relationships, and an intense sense of superiority combine to aid in diagnosing him with antisocial personality disorder. Joffrey continuously violates the rights of others, without any regard for right and wrong.
With no empathy, the late King Joffrey does not register others’ emotions, allowing him to behave towards them with aggression and violence to no moral consequence. He is only motivated by self interest and does not feel sympathy for others. In season one, Joffrey is betrothed to
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In Joffrey’s position, he is a good example of a hostile, impulsive, lying teenager with a superiority complex, abusive relationships, a complete lack of empathy or remorse, and disregard for right and wrong. Though he personally did not partake in dangerous, risky behaviors, he did command others to do what he wanted, no matter the cost. But, in this series, Joffrey is passed off as crazy or a product of an incestual bloodlien due to the time period. If set in a more modern time, Joffrey may have been diagnosed and treated once old enough. This show depicts his illness as crazy, not a disease. Perpetuating this stereotype is not beneficial to anyone, and if anyone with no background in psychology were to watch this series, they may pass Joffrey off as arrogant and psycho, where he may actually be suffering from a

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