Jimmy Buffett Research Paper

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The Life of Jimmy Buffett Jimmy William Buffett loves to hang out on the beach, crack jokes, drink margaritas, and is an extremely talented man. He was born in Pascagoula, Mississippi on December 25, 1946. As a child, he was raised in Mobile, Alabama, where he attended a catholic high school (Bio.com 1). When summer ended, Buffett was always depressed because that meant no more sailing, fishing, shorts, T-shirts, and warm beach days. However, school made him look forward to the next summer (Buffett 1). His father developed Alzheimer’s disease, and his mother suffered from a painful stroke when Buffett was young. This gave him the incentive he needed to become the Jimmy Buffett that is known today. Jimmy Buffett is a well-known folk country singer, songwriter, author, actor, and businessman. He is one of the most famous Mississippians of all time. (Pooley 2) He left Mobile, after he graduated from high school, to attend the University of Southern Mississippi, where he obtained a B.S., Bachelor of Science, degree in history and journalism. “At the University of Southern Mississippi, he apparently took up guitar to meet women,” declared Biography.com editors. His guitar career started while he was in college, and it continued to grow strong. He enjoyed playing the guitar and practicing every day. After he graduated college …show more content…
To this day, Buffett is still a popular live performer, who plays numerous concerts across the country and produces new records every year (Lawrence 66). Buffett currently lives in Palm Beach, Florida, where he is a sailor, pilot, and an outspoken environmental activist. He loves to travel by flying his own seaplane, which he learned how to fly before his career took off. Buffett has always been drawn to the sea, and this has helped him become the success he is today! (Bio.com

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