Essay on Jewish Life Start Of Christian Spain

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Around the sixth century the first of the Hebrew people settled in the Iberian Peninsula. At this time captives and exiles spent most their time here in the peninsula since they were sent there. Most of the stories are just word of mouth passed down from Muslim Spain while they were enjoying life. So the inquiry may be how did Jewish life start in Christian Spain? In the north of the peninsula landmass minute Hebrew groups were already established there before the tenth century. Around a century later there was a decent measured group in Barcelona that were composed of tailors, shoemakers, silversmiths, and goldsmiths. Spanish Jews attained a certain term that recognized their distinct group of people called Sephardi. The name Sepharad appears in the prophecy of Obadiah. As one of the places the Jews were exiled from. During the prosperous times of the Spanish Jews they started calling themselves Sephardim, which in translation means from Spain. An important core value for the Hebrew people are their dietary restrictions and laws. Hebrew people believe in eating Kosher. The word Kosher translates to mean clean and appropriate. They also have a word that is of opposite if Kosher and that is for the impure and dirty and the word that translates is Tref. Both Kosher and Tref foods are throughout the book of Leviticus in the Sephardic Ferrara Bible. There is also a list of Tref foods with split hoofs, fish with fins and scales, and fowl that are permitted in the Judeo-Spanish…

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