Jewish Daily Life : A Jew Into The Conservative Movement Essay

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Growing up as a Jew enmeshed in the conservative movement, I knew very little of actual practical Judaism; practical in the sense of what a Jew actually practices in daily and yearly observances, such as the Sabbath- otherwise known as Shabbat, praying three times a day- morning services, called Shacharit, afternoon services, Mincha, and night services, Maariv, as well as keeping kosher= not mixing milk and meat in anything and waiting one hour after eating dairy before eating meat, and six hours after eating meat before eating dairy, as well as the restrictions on how the meat is slaughtered, as well as how dairy products are farmed and produced. All these things, in addition to the rich knowledge offered by Jewish texts such as the Talmud, which are volumes of legal discussion governing Jewish daily life, the Shulchan Aruch, which are the laws after the discussion in the Talmud, and the myriad of Chasidic works of the Chabad approach, such as the Tanya, which explains how one should balance their emotional and intellectual faculties, and not allow oneself to sway to an extreme, as well as how G=d pervades everything in this world, and it is only through His will that things in this world come to be. All of these things, I grew up knowing nothing about, and, as consequence, fell out with Judaism after my bar mitzvah- when a Jewish youth ascends to adulthood in the eyes of Judaism at the age of 13. Upon my falling out with Judaism, I began a fascination with comparative…

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