Essay on Jesus Christ And The Holy Spirit

3690 Words Jan 22nd, 2016 null Page
Christianity is referred to as a belief and reverence of God, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit lined to a set of dogmas, sacraments and moral principles as captured in the stories of the Bible. Within Biblical gospels, one find descriptions of the many miracles Jesus Christ bestowed upon mankind, stories of which have become foundational to Christian belief, where the faithful profess their genuine nature and factual truths. For Christian’s miracles, expressions of divine intervention and the adherence to its teachings, practices, and rituals associated with the faith, are all part of the established heritage and long history of Christianity. Throughout the centuries Christianity has launched religious wars and inspired peace, shaping and influencing other cultures, politics, education, science, legal policy and punishment, and a number of other elements within society. In some respects it has grown from its original position of religious orthodoxy and adopted a somewhat more liberal perspective, but retained staunch conservatism in others, leaving some to question what has caused such a distinctive dichotomy. Recognizing the existing diversities, this paper will examine how the Enlightenment movement and Modernity have shaped the diversity within the Christianity through examining the contributions of specific scholars, philosophers and theologians, finally questioning if, in fact, Christianity has truly adapted to the Enlightenment ideologies and Modernity or simply…

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