Essay on Jennifer Gaston Case

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Human Resource Management

Case Study Report: “Jennifer Gaston”

1. Evaluate Gaston’s hiring of Olivia DeCarlo as Aquamarine’s COO and President. How, if at all, might the process have been improved?

Before elaborating on the hiring process of the new president and COO Olivia DeCarlo some theoretical aspects concerning the right hiring process have to be clarified.
In order to ensure the hiring of the most suitable candidate the right recruitment and selection process is absolutely necessary as it controls the entry of new employees into the organization. Recruitment means attracting potential candidates to apply to fill vacancies. Selection is the next step after the recruitment phase
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Explain your choice.

3. What kind of reference checking should Gaston do? Can this be delegated? If yes, to whom and what to delegate?

In accordance with what was done with other questions, some theoretical background will be provided to reinforce the importance of reference checking as a stage in selection processes.
So, references concerning applicant’s background information provided by former professors, managers, coworkers, friends and acquaintances constitute a common discretionary instrument regarding selection sequence process1. Before an interview, employers search for this kind of information among people who know the candidate, the reference writers. Although being widely used in some industries, this process is considered to be relatively weak predictor of future success on the job, in terms of reliability and validity. The reason behind this relies on the positivism included in the references provided which makes it harder to differentiate applicants. So, there are two main causes regarding the aforementioned issue. Foremost, the candidate usually has the possibility to choose who will write the reference letter and, hence, can choose a person that better recognize its strengths and competences. Secondly, reference writers do not know who is going to read its letters of recommendation and for that reason they are afraid that giving damaging information about a candidate could

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