Relationship Between Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde

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22 November 2015
Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde
Everyone is full of many feelings and characteristics one of which is animalistic or chaotic characteristic in them. However the characteristic of being nice is inside everybody The two main characters being introduced are Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Jekyll drinks a potion making him and hide one person. Robert Louis Stevenson explains the animalistic state of mind through The Strange Case of Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde. As the story goes on Jekyll and Hyde go on a long battle with Jekyll representing the good and hide being the bad.Dr. Jekyll needed something, or someone to represent the evil which has built up inside of him. He created this through experiments, which
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Jekyll and Mr. Hyde symbolize the good side and the bad side of life, society and themselves. Rosner considers Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde as a main character as a victim of various kinds of disruption. They are considered almost as “Outright improper and obscene characters” (Ferr-Medina). Dr. Jekyll 's transformation into Mr. Hyde causes him to lose all of his good traits in letting him take over causing him to come short of his goals and meet his eventual failure. In the story the narrator narrates “came to myself with once more with the character, the satire in the face of Henry Jekyll (Stevenson 59).” Dr. Jekyll 's will symbolizes him as a good man. The satire look made him look successful and someone trustworthy. People who knew him respected him. It emphasizes prosperous operate dr. Jekyll. The narrator describes “Edward Hyde alone in the rings of mankind, was pure evil” (Stevenson 58). Hyde represents evil because he shows himself being alone and always in the house. This sense of evil may arise from lack of mingling with others. He is a social outcast and he knows it. He is defiantly the side of a person most wish to not have. The action he takes with the violence shows his evil side. He became animalistic and uncontrollable. light is good, as in heaven, and when the …show more content…
Jekyll reveals his personality and difference between Hyde. Jekyll being a protagonist, he portrays the good side of human nature in this narrative. Jekyll was much better person in general in which society had high regard and social acceptance for (Cambell). His wealth makes him look good because it emphasizes his success as a doctor. The way he dresses makes good impressions to other minor characters in the story. People had respect for him because of his good manners. Even though Jekyll was a “good” man when Hyde became very evil it was Jekyll 's fault for not stopping his experiments, because he knew that Hyde was becoming more powerful all the time. So Jekyll was partially a victim of his times but he does not deserve sympathy. Thomas says Dr Jekyll 's story begins at its endpoint the first thing we know about him is that he has a written will. He is a man with a lot of respect in his society and he has rightfully earned it. (Ranson). Since Jekyll is a respected man he has a sense of arrogance. At the end of the novel Jekyll write so well taking the town as a respected man with good reputation because everybody always has respect for him. Jekyll constantly emphasizes greatness of his background. The author says “Jekyll was no exception and as he now sat on the opposite side of the fire a large well made smooth faced man of 50 with something or stylish cast (Stevenson 19). Is wealthy atmosphere in his house also shows his personality. He

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