Jeanette Winterson 's Sex Essay example

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Jeanette Winterson is a British writer, she is also a lesbian. Being a lesbian writer has become a common identifier when she would rather be referred to as a writer who is a lesbian. In “The Semiotics of Sex,” Jeanette Winterson tackles the inherent relationship between the artist and their artwork by digging through the biased judgment that encases it. According to Winterson, using sexual preference “to judge the work of the writer” creates a distorted reality about their work of art (173). Therefore, in efforts to fully understand Winterson’s essay, and avoid the inclusion of private preference, we must first explore what it means to live in comfort with ourselves and how one may control it.
Sexuality, for Winterson, creates a “single door” that encloses the complex emotions of sex, gender, power, and comfort into unique puzzle pieces that contain the curiosity of the unknown (171). Winterson finds the tension between heterosexual and homosexual norms particularly peculiar since artists are encouraged to explore themselves only to be stuck together by societal focus on their private lives. “It may be that the modern world, afraid of feeling, is more comfortable to turn the critical gaze away from the fully realized piece of work,” Winterson writes, therefore “heterosexuality is backgrounded, whilst homosexuality is foregrounded” (171). We live in a society where people, things, and ideas are blended together to paint each piece of the puzzle and keep things in order with…

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