Argumentative Essay About Addiction To Money

As kids, my rich dad did not pay us (or his son Mike or me) for the work they did for him. Some people were upset by this because we thought it was exploding. But my rich dad actually was doing us a favor to mike and me. The main reason why rich dad refused to pay us while we worked for him was because he did not want addicts not to come back to work for money. “If you get addicted to money he said, “You’d be hard to break that addiction.

The money is a drug?

Rich dad called the money a drug because noticed people were happy when they had money, angry or moody when you do not have. Just as heroin addicts when the drug is injected, is sulk or get angry when they do not.

achieve financial freedom

Rich dad also noticed that people felt comfortable
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“It’s to break a habit is breaking an addiction. That’s why we never stressed out Mike and me to work for money rather encouraged us to change our thinking and focus on growing how people , rather than make money.

Know your patterns

The first step in breaking addiction to money and the way you win is to identify the patterns that you have conditioned. The real problem is the change we need to ride within yourself and who you become in the process. For some, the process is easy. For others, it may be impossible.

For Kim and me, the most difficult to try to become people who generate their income in quadrants “D” and “I” part was that all of our past conditioning were holding us back . When we were really broken and more than $ 1 million debt, while trying to build a new business, it was hard to hear our friends say, “Why are you doing this? Why do not you want a job? “It was even more difficult because a part of us that wanted to return to the security of a monthly salary. For us it was very helpful to remember that this desire for job security was actually a defect of our conditioning. The world of money is a gigantic system, and all operate with certain patterns within that
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Break your addiction to money and how you win it requires an understanding of these patterns and how you operate when you face the fear.

Focus on your passion

Once you know the patterns of money and how to respond when you need money, the key to overcoming your addiction to money and the way you win is to focus on your passion rather than make money. You should be more concerned about keeping your dreams alive to survive financially.

Fear can often push our passion wayside. You will require courage and willingness to focus on your passion when afraid, but it’s the only way forward. The alternative is to simply give up and surrender to your natural patterns. But things never change that. Today, make an assessment of how you are living. Are you surrendered to the patterns caused by your addiction to money? Or are you breaking your addiction and following your

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