Essay on Japanese Internment Was Forced Relocation

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The Japanese American Internment was forced relocation. Franklin D. Roosevelt issued a presidential proclamation which required the immigrants from other World War II countries to register with the Department of Justice (Staff, 2009). For example, Italy, Germany, Japan. Once registered, there was a Certificate of Identification for Aliens of Enemy Nationality (Staff, 2009). This was said to be a follow up of the Alien Registration Act of 1940 (Staff, 2009). We will talk about executive order, relocation, and life at the camps. Furthermore, there were around 127,000 United States citizens that were imprisoned during World War II ("Japanese-American Internment"). The reason these people were imprisoned was for being Japanese ancestry ("Japanese-American Internment"). However, there was no direct evidence linking them to the crime because, they were loyal to their land ("Japanese-American Internment"). With this in mind, there was a lot of Japanese authority around the West coast due to, anti Japanese fear ("Japanese Relocation During World War II"). In other words, they were paranoid about the security risk. The security risk was due to national security and Pearl Harbor, which happened on December 7, 1941 ("Japanese Relocation During World War II"). However, in 1942 President Roosevelt signed an executive order, which stated to relocate not one, but all of the Japanese Americans ("Japanese Relocation During World War II"). In addition, the Japanese Americans were moved to…

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