Essay about Japanese Culture : Its Development And Characteristics

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In the book, Japanese culture: Its Development and Characteristics, by Robert John Smith, a great deal of information is covered in regards to the specifics of Japanese culture. This book discussed everything from emotion to education. In this essay, topics from the book such as emotion, personality, stress, and suicide rates among the youth. This essay should challenge the reader to think about the Japanese culture in a different light, and provide insight into the culture that otherwise would not have been realized. It was written to challenge readers who want to know more about the specifics of Japanese people and cultivate conducive conversation. Smith spends a great deal of time on each topic but allows for space to be left for personal reflection as the reader compares his or her own, American, life to that of the Japanese cultural norms being discussed.
There is a great deal of research that has been conducted on emotions both globally and societally. In the book, Emotion and Adaptation, the author, Lazarus writes, “Emotions play a central role in the significant events of our lives. Although they have many characteristics, some behavioral and others physiological, emotions are above all psychological.”(Lazarus, 3) Emotion is a very important part of culture, but can also very greatly from group to group. In Japan, emotion looks very different from that of the United States. For example, in the US, society talks a great deal about the emotions that they are feeling,…

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