Jane 's House, By Jane Eyre Essay

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Jane’s husband pushes her over the edge, from depression to insanity. New mothers have up to a 20 percent chance that they may experience postpartum depression within months following the birth of their child. Unless properly treated, the symptoms can worsen over time. In Jane’s journal entries, her rapid progression into insanity is very visible as she goes from seeing an unpleasant yellow wallpaper to finding that there is a woman trapped inside it. Gilman carefully illustrates the huge impact of Jane’s husband based on the lack of control, patronization and confinement she undertakes at his will.
Women had no control over themselves during the 19th century in which The Yellow Wallpaper made its debut. Self-explanatory, Jane had no choice but to abide by what her husband wanted of her. Additionally, physicians’ (mostly men at the time) had vague knowledge and awareness of mental illnesses in this era, therefore, Jane’s temporary nervous depression, was most certainly disregarded by her husband and brother whom were physicians. In the story, Jane recalls her husband assuring their friends and family that nothing serious was wrong with her (Gilman 216). Also, Jane’s mental state was considered “a slight hysterical tendency” (216). The use of the word “hysterical” can be argued whether her condition was amusing to John because she would often say that he laughs at her. Or it can derive from the term “hysteria,” an exaggerated and uncontrollable emotion. In an article by…

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