Essay on Jane Eyre By Charlotte Bronte

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The novel Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte emerged in the mid-nineteenth century when women were defined by strict social and gender expectations. The novel tells the story of Jane, a young orphaned girl, who grows to be a rebellious, independent thinker that follows her heart regardless of what society expects of her. She faces multiple difficulties due to the oppression of her opinions and the Victorian era’s gender ideals, but refuses to conform or be submissive towards the men in her life. The novel is told in first person, which allows readers to see the narrator’s thoughts and feelings. Jane takes control over the novel through her influence on the reader’s perceptions of events with her direct and authoritative tone. Having this importance placed on a female character’s point of view was a challenge to traditional gender roles during the Victorian era and was considered a daring act for a female author. This influenced Bronte to identify her writing with a gender-neutral pseudonym, Currer Bell, in order to have more freedom to display her views through Jane’s character (Lowes). Despite the societal limitations that she faced, Bronte produced a radical novel that threatened the foundations of society during its time. This is displayed through Bronte’s use of the character Jane to challenge traditional women gender roles in the 19th century.
In the Victorian era, people’s behavior was highly influenced by gender norms. Qualities that were seen by society as undesirable…

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