Jane Eyre By Charlotte Bronte Essay

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In her novel, Jane Eyre, written during the 19th century Victorian England, Charlotte Brontë’s explores many of the pressing issues of the time period in a captivating, romantic almost mystery novel. She writes the story of Jane Eyre, a young orphaned girl of 10 years of age, growing up in her lately deceased uncle’s middle class home; a mistreated, outcaste among her relatives. By their treatment of her, the reader is presented with the lonely, harsh, and unfair life of a poor orphaned girl who is unloved and unwanted by those relations whom she has been thrust upon and who want nothing more to do with her and consider her a nescience. Jane Eyre’s early childhood represents the child who is wholly dependent on Mrs. Reed, who had been charge by the lately deceased Mr. Reed to care for and love as her own child, did no such thing. As such, Jane’s childhood is presented as one of “neglect and decay…comment succinctly on the discourse of overpopulation, starvation and poor relief” which were common ideas expressed at the time (Schlossberg 492). With such dependence, Jane also possesses an unclear position in the family circle as well as the household. She is neither a servant’s position because she is deemed to not contribute anything to the family, nor claiming the right of being a cousin to the children of the house, due to her poor relation to the family. According to John Reed, Jane is a draining and wasteful figure because of her lack of position or money and her sole…

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