Essay on Jane Eyre And Invisible Man

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In 1847, Charlotte Brontë published Jane Eyre, which exemplifies how literature can convey a certain message and ignite a social reformation for women. Over 100 years later, Ralph Ellison published Invisible Man, which utilizes that same literary technique to help emphasize the societal pressures set upon blacks in American society in the 1930s and 1940s. Both literary works remain reputable novels currently as both follow a similar narrative and writing structure, utilize similar motifs, convey a certain theme, and exemplify the social unrest of the contemporary time period. Jane Eyre and Invisible Man are both “coming-of-age” novels that exemplify how adversity can lead one to search for and discover their individuality and personal identity. Ralph Ellison cleverly employs the same methods and themes from Brontë’s Jane Eyre and incorporated them into his work in as a way to delineate his call to action for a social movement for equality, as Charlotte Brontë once did. Charlotte Brontë wrote Jane Eyre as a mean to convey the livelihood and individuality of women in contemporary society, which then ignited the first-wave feminist movement. Over a century later, Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man is published, which follows the same literary techniques that are employed in Jane Eyre. In Invisible Man, Ralph Ellison tells the story through the perspective of a highly intellectual black man in 1930s America. At the time, blacks were seen as secondary citizens and the narrator…

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