Elizabeth In Pride And Prejudice

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Elizabeth is the protagonist of this novel and is used by Jane Austen in order to prove a point about the English society during the 19th century. Compared to her best friend and younger siblings, she is more independent and set in her ways. When most of the women dedicate their time and effort to be adequate suitors for men, she believes that falling in love before marriage is the more reasonable decision. For example, she stands out amongst every other woman when she walks many miles through the mud to visit her sister and then plays with a dog when she reaches her destination. Elizabeth is the second oldest sister in her family and relates more to her older sister rather than the younger ones. Her selflessness shows when she regards her …show more content…
Darcy is a prideful and arrogant man who resides very high up in the social class. His “...fine, tall person, handsome features [and] noble mien…” caught the eyes of every person who passed him. Unfortunately, he is also described as “...the proudest, most disagreeable man in the world…”(Austen 13) He was born into a family with a massive inheritance and is best friends with Mr. Bingley who is also very wealthy. The two men are completely opposite in character, and therefore, Bingley has no impact on Darcy’s change of spirit. The only person who was capable of this was Miss Elizabeth Bennet, who ends up falling in love with him and becoming his wife. Mr. Darcy grew up with other children such as Whickham and had a supportive father and loving sister. It was not until his father's death and Wickham's betrayal that he began to turn cold and somewhat guarded. Although, this falls away once Elizabeth reciprocates his feelings and they begin to see more of each other. Darcy represents the opposite of Elizabeth as far as social class and sex. Through his perspective, he is constantly told by other people in the community, because he is a man, to dance with certain girls or gaze at their handsome appearance. He neglects to do this, and therefore, “...everybody hoped that he would never come [to the ball] again.”(Austen 13) Mr. Darcy portrays himself as only worrying about his own life, but we see later in the story that he is a very devoted brother who cares for his sister

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