Jane Austen 's Pride And Prejudice Essay

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Throughout history women have been looked at as the weaker gender of the two. Males are the breadwinners while females are meant to sit pretty and be entertainment at private get togethers. In the book Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen shows how women have been treated not only in her time period but in ours. She shows that women in society are dehumanized while men are put on a pedestal. Their purpose is for entertaining, for breeding the heirs, and for making the men in their life happy. Women jump through hoops to get men’s attentions in order to to be able to survive in the wretched society that has left them brainwashed and vulnerable.
Throughout the novel there are many instances where women are made out to only have a few roles in society, none of which actually have any meaning. In the book we meet Mrs. Bennet and automatically assume she is a nut because of how she acts about marriage. She pushes the ideas into her girls heads that they must marry or they will end up like her. We look at her sideways and make fun of her actions, but have we thought why she acts this way? In the article there 's a quote that sticks out in which it says “ Austen’s depiction of a desperate woman with shifting opinions and moral stances causes us to question the very system that has produced this creature?” (Wylie). In her society one of the roles of women is to find a man who has money and a good reputation. They must find this in order to survive or else they will be left with…

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