James Baldwin 's Giovanni 's Room Essay example

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To uphold bravery, one must not be deterred by fears and potential dangers when making decisions. In James Baldwin’s novel Giovanni’s Room, the main protagonist David has significant difficulty establishing a courageous foundation due to his fears surrounding attraction towards men and his relationship to the supporting character Giovanni. Due to a lack of bravery, David develops more shame towards himself and the relationship. Outside of literature, different art forms and their artists take on this struggle of questioning sexuality linked to bravery and shame. In a recent article by Wallace Mack, he compares the song Siegfried, which on the studio album Blonde by Frank Ocean, to Giovanni’s Room. Frank Ocean is a Grammy winning, R&B singer/songwriter whom revealed his bisexuality through a tumbler post about his “first love” being another man. When listening to the song, Wallace describes how Ocean “intentionally (or unintentionally) re-opens the door to Giovanni’s room” in regards to how the lyrics connect greatly to David’s struggles with shame and bravery. Using Frank Ocean’s song Siegfried, Baldwin’s novel Giovanni’s Room will be deconstructed to understand shame, bravery, and its relationship to current events.
In accompaniment with a foundation composed of white noise and an amplified guitar, there is a profound sense of feeling that I originally never felt when first listening to this song. With a new association to Giovanni’s Room, I pay closer attention to…

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