James A. Garfield's Presidency

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James A. Garfield: One of the Lost Presidents of the United States Not every president served an exact four or eight year presidential term. For example, Grover Cleveland served two consecutive four year terms. Franklin D. Roosevelt served three four year terms and died during the beginning of his fourth. William Henry Harrison only served a month. “James A. Garfield only served 200 days” (Freidel and Sidey).” That means that Garfield’s term was only about six months long. And yet, not every president needed a super long term to leave an impact on America. Garfield, for instance, helped lead his nation in a movement for a better government and better civil service laws. “James Garfield was one of the four “lost presidents” and he served uneventfully after the civil war” (Doenecke). However, before he was involved in politics, he led a much different life. “James A. Garfield was the last American president to be born in a log cabin” (Summers). He was born on November 19, 1831 in Orange Township, Cuyahoga Country, Ohio. “James was the youngest of his five siblings, but only three of them ended up living. James also never knew his father, who died while James was still young” (Doenecke). It …show more content…
Garfield did a few things during his term that probably weren’t the best of options. For example, “Garfield’s lack of judgement was revealed when he replaced Edwin M. Merrit with William H. Robertson; this also showed that Garfield acted as a spoilsman” (Doenecke). Also, “although Garfield’s secretary of state, James G. Blaine, delt with foreign policy in a nonchalant manner, Garfield was heavily dependent on him.” Garfield probably should have used better judgment when considered whether or not replacing Merrit was a good idea and should have chosen who based on who was the best for the job. Garfield also should probably not been so dependent on a secretary of state that disrespected foreign

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