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Jails and Prisons Comparison University of Phoenix


Ms. Pamela Collinshill
June 25, 2013


For more than two hundred years the United States has used incarceration to punish any and all criminals. Jails and prisons are the institutions that judges send criminals to so they can serve time depending on the seriousness of the crime that the individual has committed. Being incarcerated is the humane form of punishment that is used considering how they used to punish individuals back in older times, when criminal justice was looked at differently.


Jail is a place where a criminal is confined to temporarily while awaiting trial or conviction of
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Industrial Era (1890) increase security and safety measures. Punitive Era (1938) the thinking that punishment is the best thing for the inmates and needed to pay their debts to the society with long term sentences. Treatment Era (1945) the thought of being a criminal was a mental health problem that could be fixed with therapy and counseling as well as education. Community – Based Era (1967) inmates were considered to be poorly socialized and incarceration was seen as dehumanizing. Warehousing Era (1980) loss of faith in the treatment and rehabilitation of the inmates. Just Desserts Era (1995) no tolerance and increased sentences. All of these different eras, methods, and techniques have led us into the way the United States now runs the state and federal prisons.

Security Levels:

“Security levels (minimum, low, medium, high and administrative) are distinguished by such security features as towers and other perimeter security barriers such as fences or walls, with detection devices, the type of housing for prisoners (cells or dormitory), and the staff – to – inmate ratio.” (Seiter, 2011) There are some differences as well as similarities between security levels in jails, state prisons, and federal prisons. Federal prisons in the U.S. are prisons that are not run by the states but solely by the United States Federal Government. Federal prisons are maximum security prisons and house criminals who commit federal offenses. State prisons are

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