Essay about Jackie Robinson 's Accomplishments And Accomplishments

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Jackie Robinson changed baseball forever by being the first black baseball player to play professional baseball. By doing this, he was a gateway for African Americans to play in the MLB. Jackie Robinson impacted the game of baseball more than any other individual, but he also impacted many other things because of his accomplishments. Breaking the color barrier wasn 't enough for Jackie, he wanted more. He knew that the game of baseball was becoming more equal and wanted the United States as whole to become more equal as well. Jackie Robinson did many things that helped shape society as it is today. Jackie Robinson is important to Major League Baseball because of his accomplishments of breaking the color barrier and striving to stop prejudice behavior. Jackie Robinson changed so much in his time as a professional baseball player. He not only changed baseball, but the world as well. People around the world were watching him and becoming inspired. After Jackie’s amazing career, he never ended up not trying his best to excel at other things. When Jackie dropped out of the league, he became a vocal champion for African Americans because he helped them fight against prejudice behavior in athletics, civil rights, and other social and political causes. Jackie went on to become the first ever black television analyst in the Major Leagues. ABC hired him and every time that Jackie went on television, he became more and more of an idol for blacks around the world. After this Jackie…

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