Jackie Robinson : Racial Discrimination Essay

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The Story of Jackie Robinson Through racial discrimination Jackie Robinson stayed persistent and followed his dream, becoming the first African American to play baseball in the major leagues. Jackie went through several hardships to reach his goal of becoming a Major League baseball player. There were many times in his life growing up as young African American that made him want to give up or fight back, but he kept his head up and kept going every in of the way and never looking back. Jackie Robinson was born on January 31st near Cairo, Georgia (Roop 75). Jackie had a rough childhood since he did not have his father present in his life, he was at a standstill in life and only had guidance from his mother. “When Jackie was only sixteen months old his mother Mallie moved them to California” (Roop 76.) Soon after moving to California his mother wanted to raise him correctly and raise him better with respect, courage, and self-discipline. At the time Robinson and his mom moved to California was a period where it was predominant white people. “Wanting to provide a good life for her family Mallie bought a house on Pepper Street in Pasadena, California. They were the only African-American people that lived on that street” (Roop 76.) Once Jackie was old enough to play sports in school he became very popular due to the fact of his excellent athletic ability. Jackie was exceeding at baseball the teams would often fight over him. Jackie’s passion and raw talent for the game of…

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