Jackie Robinson's Number Retireds In Sports

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Jackie Robinson Did you know that having your number retired in sports is considered one of the highest accomplishments someone can achieve? If someone 's number is retired, it is usually retired from just one team. In fact, only one play in Major League Baseball history has his number retired across the entire league. That player is Jackie Robinson. Besides his incredible career with the Brooklyn Dodgers, his number is retired for what he represents. While most people recognize him as the first African American is MLB, there is much more to his life that is often overlooked. Because Jackie Robinson grew up during the segregation, his early life presented him with many setbacks, which he had to overcome. Solipsis.com explains that Jackie …show more content…
The Society of American Baseball Research describes the retirement of his number. On June 4, 1972 , which was just a few months before Robinson 's death at age 53, the Dodgers retired his number, 42. Twenty-five years later, they number 42 was universally retired from MLB. To this day, no player has ever worn number 42 in MLB, with one exception. Because Robinson debuted on April 15, the MLB now celebrates Jackie Robinson Day. On this day, every player on every team wears the number 42. It 's an amazing tribute to the man that changed the face of MLB. After his death, Robinson continued to be honored. In 1984, president Ronald Reagan awarded him with its the Presidential Medal of Freedom. This is the highest award that can be given to citizens for their contributions to world peace or other endeavors. Later on, President George W. Bush awarded Jackie Robinson with the Congressional Gold Medal. This is the highest award that the legislative branch can give to a citizen for his contributions to American history. Lastly, following his death in 1972, Rachel Robinson, Jackie 's wife, started the Jackie Robinson Foundation. This is a non-profit organization that helps minority kids attend college through scholarship help and advisement. Jackie Robinson has left a lasting legacy that continues to be honored today (Swaine, Jackie

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