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Directions: Please record your observations on the following dimensions for Italy versus the United States from what you have seen and experienced during this program. This is an individual assignment—I am interested in reading your own views on these dimensions. You may, however, discuss these dimensions with other participants in the program including VT students, and you may ask Italians or others about their views on these matters. Please be reminded that the Virginia Tech Honor Code applies to this and all other work in the study abroad program. Please type your final responses.
1. Nature of relationship between employer and employees/supervisors and supervisees

Italy: I
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I noticed some stores were still not open an hour after the said opening time on their door. Lots of the small, family owned businesses had very flexible hours.
U.S.: A worker in the United States is expected to always be to work on time or even a little early. Being late often results in being fired and is extremely looked down upon in the workplace. Stores always open on time and will not close until the closing time they display on their door. 4. Racial Relations (e.g., discrimination, equality/inequality of opportunity)

Italy: I didn’t notice an inequality for opportunities because of race but there were many street vendors (a worse job than others) that were of one race where usually shop owners were Italian. But the street vendors were everywhere and it was funny to watch them have to pick up their goods and run if they saw a cop coming.

U.S.: There are racial issues in the US, including illegal immigrants and the jobs they are given. Although there are many different cultures in the United States and every year racial issues are getting better, they are still very real in some areas. I know many people who are extremely racist. 5. Work ethic (i.e., how long and hard people work)

Italy: I noticed businesses hours were pretty flexible. Sometimes I’d see a store that opened at 8 am and the shop owner still

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