It 's A Cold, Dark, Night Essay

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It’s a cold, dark, night in New York City when few people brave the dimly lit back alleys. One man, however ventures into the darkness. In tattered clothes that barely cover his shivering frame, the lone man uses the dark and seclusion of the alley to shoot up heroin. The familiar warm feeling soothes his aching body, it brushes the pain and the cold away as if he were waking from an unpleasant dream. He needs more, more warmth, more comfort, and more forgetfulness. The enveloping, pleasant, warmth carries him away from the alley, away from the nightmare to a place where he’ll be warm forever. No one will miss the cold body of the man lying in the alley, no one will even notice he’s gone. Why? Because that man had a disease, and that disease made him a criminal. Whether or not, he ever stole from someone or hurt anyone, by being addicted to an illegal substance he became a criminal, liable to fines or prison. The War on Drugs expanded and intensified drug laws as a punitive and judicial answer to a social and health problem. Julian Arentsen, a medical student with a passion for studying pharmacology, compares the War on Drugs to the prohibition movement in the 1920s,
“No one looks back in history and says, ‘Alcohol prohibition, man that was a good time for alcohols. So many got help. The problem of alcoholism that was plaguing the population was totally fixed just like that!’ That didn’t happen, of course. People died from lack of help or from government assisted wood…

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