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Academic Argument The argument of legalizing recreational marijuana has been the heat of debates for the past generation. Its relevance has made its appearance in the recent election. The presidential nominees where asked for their attitude towards the legalization of recreational marijuana and was seen in topics in local elections as well. The split between legalization and keeping it restricted is the result of individuals not being properly informed of what marijuana truly is or wanting to keep it as taboo. In actuality, it comes with medical purposes, reducing crime rate, and an increase of cash flow. Before getting into the topic of marijuana it is only suitable that the chemistry of marijuana is discussed. Marijuana, or in scientific …show more content…
“is in the midst of an unprecedented opioid epidemic,” according to the Department of Health and Human Services. Prescription opioid overdoses killed more than 165,000 Americans between 1999 and 2014. The problem has led experts to scramble for a less dangerous alternative for pain relief—and some research points to medical marijuana” (Hsu).
Although the information regards medical marijuana, it does not go against the premise to not legalize recreational marijuana. Overdoses of opioid is killing people by the thousands but marijuana is not. The argument concerning alcohol being as dangerous as marijuana is not applicable. The individuals fail to realize that opioid and alcohol kill people in great scales, especially drunkardness, and are legal to use, while marijuana that is helping the science community grow is still being kept in a shell for only a certain amount of
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The source , Drug Free Work Place, lists the cons of recreational marijuana but reading through its text the “failures” mentioned by the group are seemed to be common sense and “no brainers”. For example the first issue they present is as quote: “ Marijuana use in Colorado is 42 percent higher than the national average” (Campoy). Considering the fact that Colorado is one of five states that totally allow the use of marijuana, both recreationally and medically, Colorado should have a distinct contrast of the use of marijuana. Another factor regarding to Colorado having more use of marijuana is that Colorado’s tax on marijuana is the second smallest percentage in comparison to the other five states. Colorado’s tax percent on marijuana is 15 percent, Washington’s is 37 percent, Oregon’s is 25 percent, Alaska’s policy is $50.00 to the ounce, and in District of Columbia there is no tax percent on the sale of marijuana. Another failure that the group mentions is that “ Tax revenue from marijuana sales in 2014 had a 42 percent shortfall” (Campoy). In a study of the success of Colorado states:
“ (Tax) Revenue from retail cannabis sales amounted to at least $40.9 million by October 2014 with an allotted $2.5 million to increase the number of health professionals in Colorado public schools. In fact, Colorado is generating so much tax revenue from retail cannabis

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