It Project Management Essay

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IT Project Management

Definition of a project:

• Temporary endeavor with a beginning and an end

• Creates a unique product, service or result

• Is progressively elaborated-distinguishing characteristics of each unique project will be progressively detailed as the project is better understood.

Remember that a project manager must come up with a project management plan that can be agreed to, that people believes is realistic, and most importantly, that they can stake their reputations on. It is time someone said this out loud: Excluding approved changes for additional work, if the project manager does not get the project completed for the time and cost they agreed to (in addition to meeting other objectives)
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This coordination provides decreased risk, economics of scale and improved management that could not be achieved if the project were not managed as parts of a program.

Project Management Office (PMO or Program Office)

PMO is a department that centralizes the management of projects. A PMO usually takes one of three roles:

• Providing the policies, methodologies and templates for managing project within the organization

• Providing support and guidance to the others in the organization on how to manage projects, training others in project management or project management software, and assisting with specific project management tools

• Providing project managers for different projects, and being responsible for the results of those projects (All projects, or projects of a certain size, type or influence, are managed by the office)

PMO is an organizational structure, not a person. The PMO may:

• Manage the interdependencies between projects

• Help provide resources

• Help gather lessons learned and mane then available to other projects

• Provide templates (i.e., for work breakdown structures)

• Provide guidance

• Provide enterprise project management software

• Be more heavily involve during project initiating than later in the project

• Be part of the change control board

There is a strong trend to start PMOs. But realize the risk. If they do poorly, they generate a negative

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