It All Begins At The Base Of The Driveway Essay

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It all begins at the base of the driveway. Every crack in the driveway leads to some place new. The median line through the base runs up and meets the closed garage door that used to be open. This is the only part of my home that is not welcoming. On the short and narrowing strip from the garage to the front door sits a red bench that at one moment in time was not red, but a tattered grey shadowed wood. What once was worn has been refurbished, but will be worn again over the years by more memories and weathering. Through the front door lays my whole life and the memories that unfolded. This is my home. The smell of burning candles glides through the rooms and into the hallways. The cool floors remind me of the winter months when the only warmth comes from the hot cocoa and blankets. The sound of the tv whispers through the house and kisses the walls.
My home is everywhere. Newark, Licking County, Ohio, The United States of America, Earth. This is home. So what is home? Home is a place where you’re met with struggles, but there is always a way out. Home is where memories are made. Home is where you love and are loved back. Your home is everyone else’s home. You’re safe here. A home is not materialistic. It is a necessity. You are your own home. Home is the root of everything in your life. A home is a safe environment where you grow up in and create memories in that you will never forget. A home is a place in which someone truly lives (Jane Mairs, 2013).
Many people will…

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