Essay on Issues And Issues Of Memphis

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Issues in Memphis
Memphis is known for a lot of things in the United States, but everything that it is known for is not all great. Memphis ranks in the top 5 of cities with the highest crime rates and according to FBI. Com (2015), based on the 2013 numbers. Memphis ranks number one in the state of Tennessee for most crimes across the board. Crime is an issue for the city of Memphis and it need to be decreased to get back control of the city that has been taken away.
Crime rates
Memphis’s number are based off of the National Incident Based Reporting System which also referred to by NIBRS. NIBRS is similar to the Uniform Crime Report but is different in its own way. NIBRS is an incident occurrence reporting system for crimes that the police departments are aware of. NIBRS offer the officers and department more thorough information than any time in recent memory accessible for administration, preparing, arranging, and research. The NIBRS shows that Memphis had a population of 657,691 and had a total of 108,876 crimes committed from 2013 to 2014. The greatest crime committed where those against property standing at 61,606 followed by 37,482 assaults both simple and aggravated.
The major causes of these high crime rates are due to the level of poverty within the city. According to Delavega (2013), Memphis had a poverty rate of 27.7 percent in the year of 2013 and is on a steadily increase year after year. The poverty rate is relevant to the property crime rate due to…

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