Issues And Controversies Of American History Essay

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Issue and Controversies in American History
Dawes Act
Americans believed in 1840, that they had to move westward; although the land was taken by the Native Americans. The Dawes Act, was a way to end the conflict between white settlers and the Indians; by giving the Indians and settlers their own plots of land. After the American Revolution white settlers continued to come to the New World, taking more from the natives for ranches, railroads, mining interest, as well as their own needs, causing the natives to have to move farther west. The government sought out to resolve the issue by giving the Indians large pieces of lands called reservations. Whites weren’t allowed to trespass on the land. Indian wars broke out between the natives and the settlers during the second half of the 19th century, caused by settlers continuing to try and take the natives’ land.
To reduce the violence between the natives and settlers, the government came up with a bill to have an allotment for the land for both. By providing the groups with the amount of land they needed, to prevent settlers for trespassing and taking the Indians’ land. Although Texas Senator Richard Coke insisted that whites would still try to take the Indians land no matter the amount of land they were given. Also he stated it was impossible to have peace between the two, because the amount of land the Indians were given on the reservations. The settlers outnumbered the natives and greedily wanted more land; without the bill…

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