Island Of A Thousand Mirrors Essay

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All over the world, people have different values and beliefs on how they assess and weigh the impact of individual choices. Yet not only does this vary incredibly from country to country, or city to city, but even in the same community two people of different backgrounds may believe the other is completely immoral and insensitive. In the novel Island of a Thousand Mirrors, Nayomi Munaweera, 2012, paints the stories of intertwining characters, one of which who becomes a suicide bomber in Sri Lanka. Looking into young Saraswathi’s life, Munaweera introduced her as an intelligent girl who dreamed of one day becoming a school teacher. Yet unfortunately, she was living in a time of civil war and bloody massacres. After being stripped from her home and essentially “spoiled” as soldiers assaulted her, Saraswathi instantly lost her innocence. No longer being able to love or accept herself while feeling infested the memories of these horrible men, she soon faced the humiliation of returning to her disappointed family and community that saw her as no longer adequate to be acknowledged. Socially, the terror she experienced was unacceptable and to regain her family’s honor and bring pride upon their name, she joined the Tamil Tiger movement. In general, people assimilate to their surroundings and can easily become defined by traumatic events such as the one Saraswathi experienced. Although in our society Saraswathi would be seen as a monster, her act of becoming a suicide bomber was…

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