Islamic Sharia And Modern World Essay

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Introduction to Islam
Islam is one of the oldest religions known to man and in most countries it was used as the governing rule in place of a constitution. The modern world has developed, and new governing rules have been established. Some are drawn from the Islamic teaching known as sharia, and they demand application in most Islamic countries or societies. The modern world is however opposed to some of the sharia laws since they tend to undermine sensitive issues in the contemporary world. The sharia in most cases does not recognize the gender issues, some human rights and democratic issues relevant in the modern world. Islamic law in the modern world seems barbaric in most ways creating a conflict in society and from the international front. The compatibility of the sharia into modern world is a challenging issue since the world has become a global village and the rules from the Islamic law are scrutinized by international laws that view the rules as dehumanizing in different ways. Understanding the meaning of sharia helps understand its compatibility with the laws of the modern world. Islamic countries continue to hold on to the sharia as part of their law forming backgrounds despite the different challenges the sharia laws face in the modern world.
Sharia is an Islamic word for laws found in the Quran. The sharia was used in past centuries to direct the everyday living of the Islamic community (Ernest, 2004). The sharia is believed to be the instructions given by…

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