Islam : The Islamic Religion Essay

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Islam, a religion that began very peaceful, became radically violent in circa 623 AD. Mohammad, a merchant turned prophet, is the creator of the Islamic religion. Mohammad was orphaned as a child. He became a caravan manager and eventually married his employer. The Islamic faith was about obeying the will of their one god, Allah. The Islamic faith was a simple, peaceful religion that quickly turned violent once others began to reject the faith. Mohammad began attacking other cities and forcefully converting them to Islam. The practice of raiding enemy cities continued after Mohammad’s death, and the violence continued throughout history. During the later years of Mohammad’s life he began to settle down and contemplate his countries religion. Mohammad found his fellow countrymen’s idolatry to be disgusting and sinful, and he was not the only one with these views. He began to practice the religion of Abraham, meaning he only worshiped one God. This religion was much like Christianity, but it was a corrupted version that had lost its purity. Mohammad clung to the idea of one God and he would often travel to a cave during the month of Ramadan to fast and pray. One day while Mohammad was praying he slipped into a trance and the Angel Gabriel came to him in a vision and “Commanded him to read” (Holland) from a scroll three times. Mohammad had never learned how to read yet recited what was on the scroll “proclaiming the greatness of God the Creator of mankind” (Holland). The…

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