Essay on Islam And The Middle East

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Islam has grown immensely over the years and is recognized as one of the three Abrahamic faiths that derived from the Middle East. Being a monotheistic religion, “Islam traces its history to the worship of one God instituted by Abraham in the second millennium BC” (Muck, 5). The most important thing to note while learning about Islam is that they believe that there is one God who speaks to his people with the help of prophets. Similar to Judaism and Christianity, Islam is familiar with prophets such as Noah, Moses, Abraham, Jesus, and Muhammad. Muslims understand their faith by committing themselves. Their experiences in faith are unique and though they are often misunderstood, Muslims still live out their lives with peace and prosperity. An understanding of faith is deeply rooted in the teachings of a religion. In order to reveal what is being understood, there has to be an education of the beliefs. “The definition of Islam and acceptance as a member of the Muslim community rests on what are known as ‘the five pillars’, five basic obligations”(Lewis, 13). The Five Pillars consist of the Islamic creed, fasting, prayer, charity, and pilgrimage. The creed is the declaration of Islamic faith where Muslims openly confess that they believe in only one God and that his prophet Muhammad was the last to spread his word among his people. More commonly, it is referred to as the Shahadah. “The significance of this declaration is the belief that the only purpose of life is to…

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