Is The Old Standard Of Education Is Not Helping Students? Essay

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Society often views specific traits such as being homosexual or disabled in a negative perspective and says that in order to be perfectly content, fixing these traits is the right choice. Anyone who characterizes traits that go against social norms is not seen in a positive light and is usually shunned by modern society. Despite all the changes that are occurring to the breaking of social norms as each day passes, many still expect all people to follow old social norms and “be like everybody else.” In “Son” by Andrew Solomon, the author describes traits known as “horizontal identities” and argues that despite being depicted as something unfortunate, these traits can actually benefit those suffering from them. According to Solomon, someone with a “horizontal identity” has “an inherent or acquired trait that is foreign to his or her parents and must therefore acquire identity from a peer group” (370). In “Project Classroom Makeover” by Cathy Davidson, the author argues that the old standard of education is not helping students because it is a one-size-fits-all model, which not all students fit into because all students learn differently. While the many opinions of society should be kept in mind when it comes to horizontal identities, these identities should be established based on a person’s self-happiness rather than societal acceptance. Many see their so-called “flaws” as something to be proud of, especially since these flaws help them connect with others who are the same…

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