Is The Death Penalty A Good Form Of Punishment Essay

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Register to read the introduction… How can this be justified with killing people as it will not change what they have done nor is it humane to kill another?

Lombroso: So when we sentence them to a term to be served in prison, are we stating that prison is a baptismal front where all sins are washed away or is this, a myth in itself?

Durkheim: If crime were a disease then punishment would be the remedy, is this, what we are stating?

Beccaria: I believe the punishment should fit the crime committed not the individual that had committed the crime. Moreover, that the law should be limited in scope and written down so people can make their own decision on how to behave.
The death penalty may cease the life of the accused but the lasting effects will continue down the family chain as they are also affected by their loss. It will not undo the crime that they have committed or change the effects it has caused.

Durkheim But punishment of criminal’s plays a role in maintenance of social solidarity. It provides a boundary for society to function within and a reference point for behavioural norms. The death penalty may be one such punishment as deemed by society as maintaining the boundaries. Not that I necessarily agree with
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