Is Technology A Friend Or A Foe? Essay

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Growing up, playing outside was the best part of the day. Everyone I knew would meet at a friend’s house or the park. We couldn’t wait to play freeze tag or red rover. Those were the days. As I got older, new items were introduced to society. That’s when parks started to become empty, bike riding became rare, and begging our parents to go outside stopped. Technology finally caught up with the world. In this essay, you will read about how we went from healthier and tame children, to temper tantrum having obese children. Makes people ask, “Is technology a friend or a foe?” In July 1989, the first Gameboy was introduced in America. Four months later the Atari was released, but even though it had better graphics and sound, color screen, and more games, the Gameboy was still a better option due to its transportability (Fahs). Soon after, in the late 90s, came the Information Age, also known as the age when the computer took over. It started with businesses and schools but then were in homes. Not only did children have these game stations, but then we added the Worldwide Web to the mix. You could know talk to your friends through a computer, send emails, surf the Information Highway, play games, shop, and write papers. Books, parks, pencil, paper, mail, exercise, and stores started to become a thing of the past.
In the Image above, the text shows how a chubby child is sitting on the front step with his laptop, on a gorgeous sunny day, after he was instructed to go outside and…

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