Is Recycling A Environmentally Eco Friendly System Suitable For Human Inhabitation?

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While pollution continues to affect the lives of city dwellers, the underlying question is do we have even a single patriotic Californian who thinks going green to liberate the State out of this predicament? What must be done to ensure a more eco-friendly system suitable for human inhabitation? Definitely, the only appropriate solution to an environmental crisis is to recycle waste materials. Recycling is the most viable solution to the environment-based issues in California that have steadily threatened the lives of the citizens. Introducing Little Green, a group of young children, who forms a special day called “Little Green’s Recycling Day” where it celebrates only four times a year. The significant role of Little Green is to raise an eco-awareness to the adults concerning the need for recycling and this is their special nudge that “alters people’s behavior in a predicable way without forbidding any options or significantly changing their economic incentives” (Thaler and Sunstein 6). With the nudge, it helps people to reduce the waste by recycling.
Before understatement why a nudge is needed, it is important to understand the issue. As one of millions of Californians, Little Green needs to do more to help reduce waste because the state of garbage in California has not been that pleasing. Most of the landfills in the state are currently overused as some continues to get worse with time. By the year 2013, only 36.6% of the entire waste products in the United States were…

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