Is Pornography Morally Wrong And Unjust? Essay

1125 Words Dec 13th, 2016 5 Pages
The concept of sexuality is quite tangible as there are varying layers to an individual which can lead to distinct and new perspectives upon sexual orientations and behaviors. The delicate topics of prostitution, pornography, and sexuality can cause a controversial barrier between society, which can furthermore lead to the destruction of ideal social constructs. In this day and age, societal norms are pushed down the throats of society so when something quite new and out of the ordinary is perceived, we, as a society, tend to deem it as an unnatural thing. The very controversial topic of pornography may either induce individuals to promote the booming business itself as it creates enormous sums of money yet, others may pronounce pornography morally wrong and unjust as it can alter one’s views upon sexuality and sexual behavior. Some who are ostracized by their families merely for their choice of sexual orientation may even use prostitution as an outlet which can lead to a life filled with violence and even the risk of acquiring multiple STD’s. These three components of sexuality intertwine with each other when analyzing the overall impact it plays on society. When it comes down to prostitution, there are two sides, people either support it or they are totally against it. Many don’t realize that these sexual workers, commit to this lifestyle to in order to make a living, and essentially survive. In many underdeveloped countries, women are given no freedom whatsoever…

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